Diana Matheson is driving but can’t help checking her phone. She knows she shouldn’t, but the temptation is too much.

She pulls over to devote her full attention to her phone.

Matheson is being distracted by events in Edinburg, Texas, where a crowd of 820 people are watching history being made.

Christine Sinclair has just tapped home her second goal of the game and Canada’s fourth goal in an 11-0 win over St. Kitts and Nevis.

Although it might not sound spectacular, it is a landmark goal: her 185th for her country, meaning the Canadian has just become the all-time leader for international goals scored by both men and women.

Matheson, a longtime Canada teammate of Sinclair’s, watched the replay of the history-making goal in January, 2020, on her phone. It was a journey she will never forget.

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